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Welcome To The Official Website Of The

Jones Cemetery

The Cemetery And This Site Are Operated By The

Jones Cemetery Association
of Trumansburg, New York

We are a non-profit, volunteer organization who, for the past fifteen to twenty years,
have made a concentrated effort to maintain and upgrade this historic neighborhood cemetery.

We follow in the footsteps of a small but dedicated group of people who, over the past one hundred years or so,
worked hard to insure that this cemetery would remain a vital part of the community.

Those dedicated few have passed on.
We are striving to do them proud by bringing the Jones Cemetery into the 21st Century
in the best condition we can manage.

The past fifteen years have been pivotal for the cemetery's future.
We have been grateful recipients of a land donation that has guaranteed that the cemetery
will have ample room for burials for the next several generations!
Amazing progress has been made in developing the land for burial use, and lots are now for sale in the new section.
The Jones Cemetery is open for business!

If you want to volunteer to help with the expansion project or routine maintenance,
please email the webmaster with the email link below for more information.
To make monetary donations, please contact the webmaster for that also.
Volunteer time or donations would help us continue to our goals and would be very much appreciated.

Last Update: January 2023

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