Pennies For Melissa

In Memory Of Melissa Ann Swick

(April 1, 1987 - November 15, 1989)

The musical selection I have chosen is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

Our Little Angel

Melissa, fondly known as "Missy", was my brother Russ' daughter.
She was my only niece.
She had the sweetest nature and the biggest,
most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen.

Unfortunately her stay with us was too short.
She died of injuries received in a house fire when she was only two and a half years old.
Our loss was profound, and I don't know that we will ever fully recover.

My brother was particularly affected by losing his daughter so tragically.
On each anniversary of her birthday when he visits her resting place, he leaves a penny.
This is in remembrance of a special little ritual they shared in which Missy would ask her Daddy
for pennies to add to her piggy bank.

I have always believed that when a baby or small child dies,
it is because their short mission in life was to teach us something.
One of the things I have learned from Missy's brief stay with us is this:
We must make the most of our time with those whom we love
because we don't know how long that time will last!

An Early Frost

A tiny flower peeks from beneath the white blanket of winter.

It's happy face is a welcome sight to all who pass by.

The young flower brings hope and happiness after the snow.

As it grows, all who see it exclaim at it's beauty.

But suddenly, catching everyone unaware, the frost comes swiftly and silently.

Now the flower no longer grows, and all who remember it's beauty sorrow; for they can no longer share in it's little life.

The flower is gone, but the memory remains.

Everyone remembers and the memory keeps them warm as the snow comes again.

In memory of my niece, Missy, whom I never really got to know, but whom I shall never forget. She came to us during a springtime and left us before enough winters had passed.

(Poem Copyright Held By Carlene Swick, 1989)

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