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The Objects Of My Affection

The question is, are they the object of each other's affection?
Many of us in the Xenaverse would like to think so!

The writers of the show sure do make it easy for us to hypothesize!!
With images like these, who can blame us for seeing subtext?

Xena's Appeal To Lesbians

Just what is it that makes Xena and Gabrielle's relationship such a topic of conversation? (There are literally millions of fan pages dedicated to the idea that they are more than friends!) Why do we read between the lines of every episode looking for that snippet of subtext?

I think it goes right back to the birth of the characters. These women are written differently than any other female characters on TV. They live their lives secure in the knowledge that they don't need men to make their lives complete. All they need is the unequivocal support of the other. Sure they've had their problems. What friends/lovers don't? The point is, they've learned, grown and moved on. They know that whatever tomorrow brings they have each other.

In a perfect world that's how many of us would love to live our lives. To find the woman who mirrors our soul, whether it be as friend or lover, is a dream many of us hold dear. To see it on our TV screen allows us to live this dream, albeit vicariously, and it is a delicious feeling.

Plus, these two particular ladies are hot!

I applaud Rennaisance Pictures and every other company involved in producing and distributing "Xena, Warrior Princess" for not shying away from the common knowledge that a huge demographic for this show is the gay community. I think there have been times the scripts have actually catered to us a bit! The producers and writers, as well as the stars, have actually embraced us. In return, we have helped make this one of the highest rated syndicated shows in recent memory.

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