To My Lover, My Partner, My Friend

There are few words that can express the depth of feeling that I experience when I consider the love that we share!

Please indulge me while I attempt it!


I have lived a good life....a lot of laughs, a few tears, some really great times, a few heartaches. Many friends have traveled through my life. I know now that very few of them were really true friends.

See, true friends are people who can see your soul and love you anyway. I don't think that most people ever have a lot of true friends. I've been lucky, I've had two or three.

So in my good life with my true friends, who number so few, I have struck upon even more good fortune. One of my true friends, who I have known for some months now, has become so incredibly vital to my life that I really can't imagine living without her!

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly realized that this true friend, whom I'd begun to think of as a "soul sister", was in fact my soul mate! We realized it at about the same time, I think. What a discovery that was!

I was so completely amazed to find that not only had I fallen in love with you, but YOU had also fallen in love with ME!!

Now as each day passes, I find myself more deeply in love with you than the day before. I don't know what the capacity of our hearts is for love, but I think I will be finding out. I just keep loving you more and more with no sign of reaching that capacity!

I am so happy that you joined your life with mine. I am humbled by the trust you have in me, and that you show this trust by putting your happiness in my hands!

I see clearly now that we are pre-destined. We are two halves of one. We were meant to find each other, and now that we have, I intend to commit my life to loving you with all of my heart. The rings that we have exchanged mean that we will pursue happiness together for eternity.

Ria, my are the BEST thing that has EVER happened to me! I love you more than I ever dreamed was possible. You are my center, my everything. I want to grow old with you at my side! I can't imagine my life without lover, my partner, my friend!

Your Jett


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