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Women I Adore

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Now I get in trouble with everyone. My straight friends say I look at a sexy woman like a man does. My gay friends say I only find beauty in straight women!

I take exception to both comments! I don't do ANYTHING like a man does. Furthermore beauty is beauty, gay or straight, and I appreciate beauty. Try as I might, Birkenstocks and acoustic guitars don't do it for me! That's not to say it's not sexy for others. It's just not my thing. As I stated in my index page--I don't worry about being politically correct. If you want "wimmin", this is the wrong page for you!

To everyone still with me...Let's check out some ladies!!

Legal Stuff: All of the images of public figures in this site do not belong to me.
They have been collected from various public forums
for the sole purpose of fan worship.
No copyright infringement is intended.

Lucy Lawless

Lucy is my current absolute favorite.
Most people know her as "Xena, Warrior Princess". She isn't a classic beauty,
but she is very sexy, has huge presence and carries herself with extreme confidence.
There will be more on Lucy later in this site.

Renee O'Connor

Renee is the other reason I'm obsessed with "Xena, Warrior Princess".
She is getting sexier and more beautiful every year, and is a great actress!
More on Renee later!

Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle is a professional volleyball player and model.
She's bright, beautiful and talented--a triple threat.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The first woman I remember being fascinated with was Tricia Nixon, the president's daughter. I was ten.
The next real infatuation was with Jamie Lee.
I think my tastes improved quite remarkably.
Sexy, sexy, sexy. Still is. She's aging well!

Elizabeth Hurley

I cannot imagine what Hugh Grant could have been thinking,
getting involved with that nasty hooker when he was with this gorgeous woman!
To me she personifies "drop dead gorgeous"!

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