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This Time I Gotta Be Me!

The fact is, I love women. Yes, it is what you are thinking, but it's more than that. It's what makes me who I am, not just what I do. My first webpages were completely free of this part of me because, unfortunately, not all of my friends and family are capable of understanding this facet of me. They won't be seeing these pages. For everyone else, I am going to share all of my favorite things about loving women. I don't try to be politically correct, and stereotypes don't generally concern me. If that offends anyone, I do regret it, but whose pages are these anyway?! Read on, hopefully you will learn something, or at least be entertained!

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If you are offended by the idea of women involved in loving relationships with other women, please exit now! My goal is not to offend, but to entertain and possibly to educate. I am not in the business of recruiting or converting (it doesn't work like that anyway!!). Please don't send me scathing e-mails about how God didn't create Adam and Steve. I have made my peace with who I am and why.

For constructive comments e-mail me! ~Carlene

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