One More Silly Homepage
Take Two

I started webpage building while a WebTV subscriber. I think I did pretty well, considering what they give you to work with.
I'll say one thing though....doing it on a computer is a lot easier!
Welcome to my most recent attempts at carving out my own little corner of cyberspace!


I found a MIDI that is too huge to put on a webpage, but is too cool to keep to myself!
If you have a decent sound card, check this out! It's "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers Band.

Play MIDI Now minimize your Media Player (or whatever you have cranking that great tune) and enjoy the rest of my index page!
The MIDI is nearly seven minutes long, so you have plenty of time!

Click On Any Of The Following For Some Darned Good Webpages:

My Online Portfolio

As a photographer, I enjoy sharing my favorite photos with anyone who has a moment to look at them.
What better way to do that than putting them online?!
Check them out and let me know what you think.

Syracuse International Air Show

Just a few good shots from an airshow I went to.

Pennies For Melissa

This is a tribute to my niece who passed on at the tender age of two and a half.
Get your Kleenex.

Jett's Jokes (and stuff)

If you like jokes, check this out.
I have a weekly joke letter that goes out on Sunday nights. Some of the jokes may be
of an adult nature so you need to be not-too-easily offended. Subscription instructions will guide you
in a super easy process. It's totally anonymous and you can unsubscribe any time you like.

NOTE: This is not currently an active email list
but feel free to check out the archive. You'll find some funny stuff there!

The Official Website Of The Jones Cemetery Association

Here's a link you don't see on every index page!
I help operate a historic cemetery near Trumansburg, NY. This is the website I have built for them.

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Updated 9/01/08