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For My Valentine...



As you know, My Jett, I'm no writer...but I wanted to create a little something special for you to celebrate this, our very first Valentine's Day.


So, naturally, I started searching the web for the perfect graphics and goodies, and I ended up at my favorite place...Moon & Back Graphics. 


Click on the heart to see what I found for you, my love...

...And know that the love I have for you is more than I am able to express with words.  I only hope that the words on the next page will convey some of the feelings you have created in me.  You are my heart, you are the other half of me, and I need you because you complete me.  I love you, my darling Jett.....forever and eternity....always yours, Ria


This page lovingly created for Valentine's Day, 2001

by Ria