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Iris--Our Official Flower

When I was growing up I loved the Iris that grew in our front yard. I didn't know they meant anything special to anyone. I didn't know they would eventually mean something special to me!

There Were Some Definite Clues!

Now that I look back from the great age of 39(!!!) I can see all the signs. My first clue should have been that I didn't really like dolls all that much. My favorite toy was a blue and red Tonka Dump Truck! I never owned a Barbie doll until 1998, and she is a WNBA Barbie. If you look in my Mom's photo album you'll see pictures of "First Days Of School". Every year she made sure she got a shot of us boarding the bus for our first day in our new grade. Luckily it was always a new grade, no repeats! Anyway, one year I was dressed in patent leather shoes, a sensible little dress and a nice girly-girl haircut. The very next year found me wearing a plain short-sleeved shirt, cut-off jean shorts with my hands stuffed in my back pockets, and a short haircut. I was grinning at the camera in a way that bore no resemblance to the prim little woman of a year earlier! Oh, there were clues alright!

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