My Life... well kinda... In Pictures

My Mom and Dad

Dad hard at work in his shop...
he's a farmer and repairs all of his own machinery.
Come to think of it...I think he knows how to do ANYTHING!

Mom at her job at McDonald's.
I never thought she'd last a month...
she has over twelve years in and LOVES it!

This is an aerial view of my parents' farm.
It's actually a 25-30 year old photo, but things still look pretty much the same.
Needless to say, I didn't take this picture! I only WISH!

This one I did take...
and I was about a mile and a half from the farm!
Gotta love a 500mm lens!

Me holding the latest edition...Alan James!
He's five and a half months old, I'm twenty-one!

The latest edition of the next generation....
my nephew Austin, age six months.
Me...age thirty-seven!

The LAST KNOWN photo of me in a DRESS!!!
Taken sometime in 1991

The true love of my life...
my 1991 Chevy Lumina Eurosport.

My oldest brother Russ with his mobile office.
He's three and a half years younger than me.

This is my nephew Austin at age 2-1/2.
(I don't know where this picture was taken, but I didn't do it...gotta keep the copyright stuff straight!)


The story isn't finished yet....but I have to take more pictures!!!